T's K9 Water Therapy

Dog Water Training, K9Aqautics Training

Having problems swimming a K-9?  Look no further!


We are here to help assist you in building your facility.  We can help you choose the pool that is right for you and the space you will need. 

I will personally guide you through each step that is needed and required to open your business and be a success!!!  You can expect support from selecting your location to training with K-9’s through the opening of your facility.

It can be very stressful and draining trying to figure out what steps to take at each corner you turn.   We have built a K9 therapy pool facility and ran it for over 5 years, plus swam dogs and managed everything that could possibly happen.... And did!  We know first-hand what you will be going through. 

We offer hands-on canine training as well as facility operations.  Also, we can help you with training in and out of the water, training techniques on each dog, setting up a facility location and what will be needed from licenses, permits and the pool that will fit your needs.  Each individual dog is unique in the way they shall be handled either through their injury or on its fears.  I have developed techniques through my experience and training that offers a worry free program.

 We believe that K-9 Water Therapy is the new cure for K-9’s without evasive surgery and further injury.  Water Therapy has been around for years to help people recovery faster and it can do the same for K-9’s with benefits of the same nature. 

​​I have built, owned and operated my own K-9 Water Therapy for years and want to reach out to other K-9 facilities to help with operations from; training owners and or employees, necessary equipment needed, water techniques to managing your pool.

 Think about what you will be offering. There are many other services that go hand in hand with k9 water therapy. Do you want to incorporate them?  Do you know what they are?

These are just some of the aspects of my services that will help you:

County requirements - City requirements - Picking Location - Permits - Pool choice

Location considerations - Help swimming a dog

Hands on Training We have done it and now we want to reach out to many, many more people to help k-9’s. We believe this is the new way of therapy for dogs. We want to help more people open k-9 facilities across the world. We are the voice of k-9’s and this is our little part to help them and you.

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